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5 years ago Mike and AJ joined Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle.  Despite owning a digital marketing agency for 13 years they still felt like newbies when it came to   On their first visit to Inner Circle they entered the room nervously, unsure what to expect or who they might bump into.  There were name plates on each of the seats, but none of them looked familiar.  They quickly realized that they didn’t know anything about the other members of the group!  In an effort to not make a fool of themselves they frantically started searching Google for anything they could find.  One by one they typed in the names they were seeing on the name plates and one by one they realized this was going to be more a lot more difficult than they thought.

For some of the searches they couldn’t find anything at all.  How the heck could these successful entrepreneurs be sitting in this room if they didn’t even have a digital footprint?  Some of the people they were able to find, but what they found was clearly outdated with events dated multiple years ago showing throughout the site.  Some of the searches resulted in them finding what we now know is the middle of the funnel, but at the time it didn’t make sense…why was this guy charging $25k for a mastermind and I can’t find anything about who he is or what he does.  Who would buy this offer with so little information?

Well it wasn’t until years later when they realized that the experience they had that day was one that was having a huge impact on all of those funnel builders’ businesses.  It wasn’t until after we built our own expert business, Agency Coach, that we figured out that there was a huge gap in most funnel driven business’ strategy.  They didn’t have a website!    You see it wasn’t just us that was searching for these people by name.  There were thousands or in some cases millions of searches happening for brand related terms and all of them were going through the horrible experience we did a few years ago.

It was because of our experience with websites and our newfound understanding for funnels that we were able to create a solution for this gap which is outlined in our Shadow Sales Funnel and FunnelHub strategy.  This isn’t just a theory its something that we’ve had the pleasure of building out and testing with top names such as Russell Brunson, Garrett White, Stephen Larsen, Bryan Dulaney, Brad Gibbs and countless others.

Most web designers have no clue about direct response marketing and funnels. So, the strategies they use on the sites they build fail to have an impact for funnel driven businesses.  It is because of our unique experience in both websites and direct response that we were able to redefine the strategy behind a website and create FunnelHubs that work.

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Our Evolution


Anchor Wave

Anchor Wave Internet Solutions is founded as a web design agency in Tucson, Arizona by Mike Schmidt.


Joins Inner Circle

Mike and his partner Anthony join Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle.


Expert Business: Agency Coach

Mike & Anthony launch Agency Coach to help agencies grow.


Birth of FunnelHub

The first FunnelHubs for Steve Larsen, Garrett J. White, Lady Boss and Russell Brunson are launched.


FunnelHub.com Announced

FunnelHub.com is launched.