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What’s Actually Happening

There’s a common misconception that most of the people who go through your funnel whip out their credit card and buy based on what they experienced while going through the funnel.  Those sales do occur and that’s what most people call “Hot Buyers”.  This only makes up a small percentage of the prospects.   What really happens is somebody experiences your funnel, they are considering buying but they decide to do their due diligence.  They hop onto Google and search for your name, your company name, product or course names(‘brand terms’) and start to dig into what comes up.  They might stumble across reviews, see articles or podcasts you are featured in or make it to one of your web properties.  They are looking for credibility indicators or red flags.  If they find either one it could make or break the deal.

How Funnelhub Reclaims Your Website Traffic

Reclaim The Traffic You’ve Earned

  • Paid Traffic that didn’t immediately convert
  • Word-of-Mouth referrals
  • Podcast Appearances
  • Features in Articles
  • Speaking Engagements
  • In the News
  • Social Media Posts
  • Online Community Participation

What is A shadow sales funnel?


A Shadow Sales Funnel is the byproduct of all of the buzz and activity you are creating while marketing your sales funnel.  You run paid ads, appear on podcasts, speak on stage, write articles and network with others to create awareness about your offer.  This awareness results in two types of traffic, Active Shadow Traffic and Passive Shadow Traffic.

Passive Shadow Traffic is traffic to your site by people who have become aware of who you are, but aren’t necessarily in buy mode.  Most of the time these visitors have become aware of you through earned traffic (podcasts, articles, speaking on stage, content) or through Word of Mouth.  The key distinction with this type of audience is that they still need to be indoctrinated, as they often times know very little about you or what you do. Have you ever heard about someone who keeps popping up everywhere? Maybe you saw a video of theirs online, then a peer said they were working with them, then you saw they’ll be speaking at an event you are going to.  Eventually, you decide that you need to know why this person is appearing everywhere! You do a quick search for their name or company name and now you have entered their Shadow Sales Funnel.

Traditional Sales Funnel

Traditional Sales Funnel Funnelhub

Shadow Sales Funnel

Funnelhub Shadow Funnel Sell Chart
What Kind of Impression are you giving off online?

The Shadow Sales Funnel can be described as the experience somebody goes through when they search for your name, company name, course name, service name online and then explore the results, visit your website(s) and read your online reviews in order to form an opinion.  This will result in their decision to become part of your world or move on.

The first step to consider is what shows up in the search results when you type in their name.  Whether you realize it or not, when the search results come up you are quickly looking through the results and determining what the overall sentiment of the results are saying.  Are you immediately seeing positive indicators like featured articles on Entrepreneur, Forbes or other credible sources. Hopefully one of the results you are seeing is their own property that should show up near the top.  Failure to rank number one for your own name might send a signal that the online presence isn’t very strong. You might be seeing a negative sentiment where people are complaining or worst of all, sites where people are warning you not to ever work with this person.  Lastly, you might be seeing a neutral sentiment where you can’t really find anything good or bad…it’s just references to non-related sites that have nothing to do with you.

The second thing you do is click on the official site (if there is one).  Once you’ve landed here you go into complete judging mode. Does the site look professional? Does it seem like this person has their act together?  Does the site draw me in and make me want to explore further. This is kind of like when you are looking for a place to eat in a city you are visiting.  You might pop your head in a couple spots…see if it smells good and looks clean…take a peek at the menu and see if anything catches your eye and then decide if you want to ask for a table or not.  This is the same process you are going through while visiting someone’s site you don’t know much about. Especially the boxes you want to check off when addressing Passive Shadow Traffic is ensuring they know who you are, what you are about, why someone would want to work with you and what you have to offer.

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Marketing Genius Built-In

From Attractive Character To Epiphany Bridges, We Create With Purpose.

Managing your Shadow Sales Funnel starts with having a solid web property that appears at the top when somebody searches for you.  This is the idea behind the FunnelHub. A FunnelHub magnifies your authority. It organizes all your funnels, offers and media in one place so that you can sell more, get more out of your paid ads and control what people are finding when they search for you.

You might be asking how this is different than a normal website?  A FunnelHub is a funnel driven website that is built on Expert Secrets strategies that allow you to effectively communicate your movement, demonstrate your attractive character, explain your new opportunity and attract people into your tribe.   Once it has accomplished this, it sends the traffic right back to your funnels where the conversions and sales occur.

Funnelhub Implements Expert Secrets Strategies

It Elevates Everything

Because of how FunnelHubs are built and the fact that they have great depth of content, it is easy for these sites to rank quickly for your branded terms…but that’s not all!  What we’ve seen is that not only does the FunnelHub usually jump to the top of the search results once it’s launched.  The funnels and social media profiles it links to are pulled to the the top as well.  This results in you maintaining control of the results that pop up when somebody searches for you. Keep in mind that a large part of optimizing your Shadow Sales Funnel is managing what people see in search results when they search for you.  If you control all the sites they are seeing on the first page you can better manage the sentiment that they experience.

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